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Welcome to Geostar Publishing and Services LLC. I'm delighted that you came to visit us. I hope you enjoy your stay, and keep visiting us!

Geostar Publishing is an information products publishing (ePublishing) company. Our products include meticulously researched e-books, written mainly by SMEs (subject matter experts) and in-house writers, based on their expertise, survey and research. In the near future, we plan to publish tapes, CD’s and videos as well as audio interviews with top experts in various fields. These digital info could be downloaded onto your computer in just a few seconds for your reference, and personal use, at your convenience.

I'm first and foremost, a Water Patriot. Our flagship publication is 'All About Wastewater Treatment', a fairly comprehensive 392-page eBook for wastewater professionals, academics, municipalities and just about everyone interested in wastewater treatment. We also have a free Weekly Newsletter in the same name, emailed to everyone who registers.

Our services include '1 Click Article Marketing', a 'first of its kind' service - for those who have a need for article marketing, but have no time. In fact, we expect to offer several services centered around this service. If there's a specific service you're interested in, please contact us thru 'Help Desk '. I promise to revert to you.

At Geostar Publishing, we are very excited about our mission – providing reliable, up-to-date and hard-to-find quality information and services. We expect our products and services to reach out to thousands of people around the globe on topics as diverse as health and wellness, exotic pet care, safety, technology and hobbies.

One of our goals is to make our products and services available affordably, making you happy you received more than you'd paid for. We back our products and services with rock solid guarantees. (Please read the specific products/ services pages for details of the guarantees.)

One of our ace products is our eBook on ‘How To Solve All Sudoku Puzzles’, and its sequel, 'How To Double Your Sudoku Speed'. In view of their resounding success, we have built a whole host of other products around this theme, viz., Sudoku Browser, Sudoku eMagazine (Smorgasbord), and Sudoku Stationery. And we've built a top class community site, "Sudoku Village", to unite Sudoku enthusiasts worldwide. Please feel free to suggest new products or services you’d like us to add. Of course, also please feel free to  post  your bouquets and brickbats thru 'Help Desk ' for improvement on any front.

We are constantly expanding our product line; so I hope you’ll come back often to visit.

Thanks again for visiting us!

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